Commit 33f25966 authored by Chris Holbrook's avatar Chris Holbrook

add test for convert otn erddap to att

parent af60aa05
context("Check convert_otn_erddap_to_att")
#check against internal data object 'blue_shark_att' in R/sysdata.r
# Actual result
#get blue shark example data
dtc_file <- system.file("extdata",
"blue_shark_detections.csv", package = "glatos")
shrk_det_file <- system.file("extdata", "blue_shark_detections.csv",
package = "glatos")
blue_shark_detections <- read_otn_detections(shrk_det_file)
#get path to example files from OTN ERDDAP
ani_erd_file <- system.file("extdata", "otn_aat_animals.csv",
package = "glatos")
animals <- read.csv(ani_erd_file, = TRUE) # load the CSVs from ERDDAP
tags_erd_file <- system.file("extdata", "otn_aat_tag_releases.csv",
package = "glatos")
tags <- read.csv(tags_erd_file, = TRUE)
rcv_erd_file <- system.file("extdata", "otn_aat_receivers.csv",
package = "glatos")
stations <- read.csv(rcv_erd_file, = TRUE)
#Remove first row; (blank or metadata about the column)
animals <- animals[-1,]
tags <- tags[-1,]
stations <- stations[-1,]
#create ATT object
bs_att <- convert_otn_erddap_to_att(blue_shark_detections,
tags, stations, animals)
# Test using testthat library
test_that("blue_shark_att gives expected result", {
# Check if expected and actual results are the same
expect_equal(bs_att, blue_shark_att)
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