Commit e6482418 authored by Chris Holbrook's avatar Chris Holbrook

tidy up a bit

parent 1bb669c5
......@@ -90,7 +90,8 @@ convert_glatos_to_att <- function(detectionObj, receiverObj) {
glatos_array, station_no, deploy_lat, deploy_long,
station, dummy, ins_model_no, ins_serial_no,
deploy_date_time, recover_date_time),
by = c("glatos_array", "station_no", "deploy_lat", "deploy_long", "station", "dummy")) %>%
by = c("glatos_array", "station_no", "deploy_lat",
"deploy_long", "station", "dummy")) %>%
dplyr::filter(detection_timestamp_utc >= deploy_date_time,
detection_timestamp_utc <= recover_date_time) %>%
dplyr::mutate(ReceiverFull = concat_list_strings(ins_model_no,
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