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Updated instructions to include getting the OSGeo virtual machine to work

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......@@ -86,3 +86,36 @@ python install
Using the OSGeo Live Virtual Machine:
1)Download the OSGeo-provided VM with most of this pre-installed:
Your user will 'user', the password is 'user'
Sudo will prompt you for this.
2)We still have to update/install various python packages. Right click and open a Terminal, and type:
#> sudo apt-get install python-dev
#> sudo apt-get install git
#> sudo pip install geojson
#> sudo pip install owslib --upgrade
#> sudo pip install matplotlib --upgrade
3) Grab the latest version of CartoPy
#> wget
#> unzip
#> cd cartopy-master/
#> sudo python install
Download the owslib example from the OTN GitLab
#> wget --no-check-certificate
#> unzip
Run the owslib example
#> cd otn-python-visualization.git
#> python
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