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......@@ -22,77 +22,40 @@ Python, cartopy, and owslib are needed. Below we will create a Python virtual en
*1) Getting Python:*
We'll be using Anaconda for this as it pre-installs a lot of the things we'll need. We'll still have to upgrade a few packages afterward.
Follow instructions for your OS/platform
Windows users may have to add python to their PATH variable
Quickstart guide:
A good Windows tutorial to get Python, Pip and virtualenv working can be found here:
*2) Now we can use pip to install (most of) the rest of our requirements*
If you follow this guide, skip ahead to step 4) when you're done.
*2) Installing Setuptools and the python package manager pip:*
Setuptools: link:
save this file locally and then run:
#> python
run like you did with
#> python
*3) Now we can install python packages on the command line through pip.*
In a command-line window (Windows **cmd** or OSX/Linux **Terminal** ), type:
#> pip install virtualenv
*4) Now make a virtual environment somewhere (in your home folder, perhaps):*
#> cd place/to/put/my/python/virtualenvs
#> virtualenv carto-demo
And activate this virtual python environment
#> pip install owslib
#> pip install shapely --upgrade
#> pip install pyshp
#> pip install geojson
#> carto-demo/Scripts/activate.bat
*3) Installing Cartopy:*
Getting Git:
#> source carto-demo/bin/activate
Your OS might not have git pre-installed. Download git from and install it. Select Use git from the Command Window when installing to Windows to let you use Git from the command line.
*5) Now we can use pip to install (most of) the rest of our requirements*
Windows users may need a compiler, try Visual Studio at this link:
Mac and Linux:
Installing packages from Git:
pip will install prerequisites, so this is the most painless way to do things
#> pip install git+git://
#> pip install matplotlib
#> pip install owslib
#> pip install shapely
#> pip install pillow
#> pip install pyshp
#> pip install cython
#> pip install pyproj
Windows Users:
You'll have to download the Cartopy binaries from the Python Extension Packages site:
*5a) You may also need to install GDAL (to get PROJ and GEOS), follow these instructions*
link: search for cartopy, download the exe for py2.7
*for Windows:*
*Mac users:*
If you use Homebrew, you can install these libraries on the command line:
......@@ -106,23 +69,15 @@ or download KyngChaos' GDAL Complete Frameworks .dmg
CartoPy is not in pip's library, we'll have to install it manually
*4) Download the examples from the GitLab repo:*
*6) Install python module cartopy:*
unzip into a working directory.
#> unzip
#> cd cartopy-master
#> python install
*7) Download the example from the GitLab repo:*
Call the script with
#> python
### Using the OSGeo Live Virtual Machine:
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